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Then my uncle told me that it is necessary to repeat an enema to clean out my soap and prevent bowel irritation. I agreed and got into position again, and Uncle cnova filled the enema, this time with pure water, and then gave me an enema.

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Max fellow supports me in everything and help. Okay, I will not cry, everything is whole.

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I got up, washed, had breakfast, and he decided to go to him. He sat in pastels all sour and it was evident that he was afraid he was serious. "Well?

Sam tell parents or me to call them? "- I asked him. He looked at me and said: "Please do not" .I made a thoughtful face and after 10 seconds, said: "I certainly can not say anything to your parents, but then you'll have to do what I tell you." On Kohli's face immediately brightened hope and he even leaned forward: "I agree, everything that you say ." I stood in the doorway of his room and said he'll go for a smoke, and then, when I shall come back, I want him to sit naked yesterday in pastels and showed me all the things that he did yesterday alone.

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Chatting cam sexy austria private. The fact that the house I used to solve such problems with the intestines using laxatives.

But, to my great dismay and chagrin, I have not found in my uncle's medicine cabinet no laxative. But I found a box in which there were two candles Ducolax (Bisacodyl).

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