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Frankly, I used to think, how would fuck my mother. But in this situation, I asked a friend and he was determined to complete seriousness. - You have a plan ?, - I asked.

Vadim really had a plan, he came up with it when I was talking to my mother. His plan was very simple, he just wanted to rape her.

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You do not mind? - Do not take a shower. I, on the

I think going crazy by your smell and taste of your lubricant. Do not go in the shower, please.

The room was cooler. I went up to him and kissed him on the lips, and then put her hand on his head. - Lick my girl.

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I spat contemptuously, and we stomped to the pond, where it all started shortly. The miniature handbag prudent Milky turned polbatona.

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